COORDINATING BENEFICIARY: Department of Environment – Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (MANRE)

The Department of Environment, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (MANRE), is the governmental consulting body for environmental policy issues and coordinator of environment related projects/ programmes. MANRE has the responsibility of environmental policy implementation and coordination of procedures. The Department of Environment of MANRE is the chair of the environmental impact assessment committee, while ensuring that water pollution, management of solid and hazardous waste, natural resources management,  environmental sensitivity and information is promoted. The Department of Environment  is also responsible for the policy and management of climate change in Cyprus and the management of wastes. The department is the local focal point for various international organizations like CSD, MCSD, SMAP, MAP, INFOTERRA and UNEP, and the department responsible for the implementation of various international treaties in Cyprus like the Treaty for the international trade of endangered species, the Vern Treaty for the protection of endangered species, the treaty for the Climate Change, the Ramsar Treaty and others.

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