Action D.2 – Networking

Proposed starting and end date of action: 01/01/13-30/11/14
Actual starting and expected end date of action: 01/01/13-30/11/14
Status: Completed

For networking activities, exchange of information and/or participation in information platforms related to the project objectives was held through the Life+ web page, and their notification via e-mail for the (brief description) including a link to the project’s web-site where all reports and results were demonstrated.

Moreover, related authorities and major organizations in European level that produce or handle quarry slurry or even may be interested in the project’s results (e.g. major Cement Factories), were informed through e-mails as well. Identification of such authorities was made through the international unions that the beneficiaries joining the proposed project are part of (for example UEPG – The European Aggregates Association). It is expected that more than 5 organizations and 5 authorities will be contacted.

The quantification expected per type of audience for this action is demonstrated in the table attached after Action D.3.


National/EU and International authorities, industry and other stakeholders will become aware of the possibilities of resource efficiency and specifically in the use of quarry slurry as a resource in the cement and clay brick/tile industries.

Action D.2 – Networking

  • 6 LIFE+ projects have been identified and notified
  • 4 LIFE+ projects have been linked to the Project website
  • 7 links related to resource efficiency are connected to the Project website
  • More than 100 relevant organizations in the quarry, brick, cement industries have been identified and notified
  • 6 European Public Authorities (Malta, Italy, Luxemburg, Ireland, Denmark, Greece) have been identified and notified
  • Environment LIFE Programme
  • Department of Environment
  • Nicolaides and Associates Ltd
  • Latomia Pharmakas PLC
  • Vasiliko Cement Works
  • United Brickworks