Action D.1 – Dissemination of Results

Proposed starting and end date of action: 01/06/12-30/11/14
Actual starting and expected end date of action: 01/06/12-30/11/14
Status: Completed


The implementation of resource efficiency in the cement and clay brick/tile industry and the waste slurry management is referring to three large and significant economic sectors in the EU, therefore, the results of this project are expected to benefit a great number of stakeholders. A significant set of dissemination activities are included in this Action to allow for the active communication of the project’s results to those stakeholders that may best make use of it according to the outcomes of the project.

Action D.1 – Dissemination of Results

Numerous dissemination activities have been implemented throughout the entire project duration, aiming to disseminate the project’s results and enhance the benefits, sustainability, transferability and potential replicability of the results to a targeted audience, which principally includes: natural resources national authorities, quarry owners, clay brick/tile industry owners, cement industry owners, national and EU industry associations, other industries with high CO2 emissions willing to implements resource efficiency actions. Other target groups also considered important are NGOs (that directly approach the common public), scientific circles and other relevant organizations.

Methods Employed:

Consultation with Stakeholders:

One consultation meeting combining the three relevant industry sectors of quarry, cement, clay brick/tiles as well as environmental organizations and NGOs was successfully realised in October 2012 under Action A.2. Good communication, information exchange and documenting views and ideas between the Beneficiaries and the participants was achieved. A start was made on creating the Stakeholder contact list to facilitate the data collection activities later on in the project. A small-scale consultation activity followed in July 2013, were PMT participated in a meeting of the Cyprus Brickworks Association, to inform the participants about the scope and objectives of the project.

A closing consultation activity took place in November 2014, where the PSC participated in a meeting with the Presidents of the Cyprus Quarry and Brickworks Associations and other Stakeholders, to inform them about the project. A power point presentation by Brickworks and VCW respectively, demonstrated in detail the project objectives and results. Moreover, a qualitative discussion about the beneficial results of the project and its possible application in full scale was held between the participants. Recommendations and opinions were recorded for future after-life actions.


A website targeting the wider audience and stakeholders was developed in the context of this action. The website presents the full details of the project’s objectives, actions, progress and results. The website was regularly updated during the whole period of the project and will be maintained for a period of 5 years after the project is over. It was also advertised on dissemination material (printed material, conference), the websites of the participating beneficiaries. The official language of the forum is English with a translation in Greek.


Announcement of the project’s initiation and regular progress updates was posted on the project website and the websites of the participating beneficiaries. This allowed access to the project’s results and progress to a wide audience including relevant governmental authorities, NGOs, scientific circles and other relevant organizations.

Organization of Conferences/informational days:

Through the various consultation meetings and conferences organized throughout the project, MANRE and the other beneficiaries had the chance to present the project throughout its development and trigger the involvement of stakeholders. The results of this study were also published in a variety of specialized printed media.

During the course of the project, two conferences were held in total:

  • One informational day-conference in the middle of the project to introduce the project and its objectives to the stakeholders and the general public.
  • One closing conference took place during the last month of the project for the presentation of the project results to the relevant stakeholders including NGOs, governmental authorities and other scientific circles.

In each conference/ informational day, representatives from all beneficiaries were present in order to share their own experience and contribute to the discussion.

Other dissemination activities

  • Production and dissemination of printed material e.g. leaflets/brochures regarding various aspects of the project;
  • Five notice-boards were prepared and erected at strategic places accessible to the public such as the offices of the beneficiaries, the relevant public authority buildings, science fairs etc; Two additional notice boards were prepared for the purposes of the Conferences.
  • Media coverage: Publications were submitted in local scientific newsletters and daily newspapers presenting the results of the project.

A list of the dissemination deliverables in chronological order is demonstrated below:

  • The project’s logo
  • The project΄s website which is available online on: and will be maintained for 5 years after the project end
  • 7 Notice Boards
  • The first version of bilingual leaflets (1000 pieces)
  • Announcements on the Beneficiaries websites (5 websites)
  • Consultation meeting with the Cyprus Brick Association
  • The second version of bilingual leaflets (1000 pieces)
  • Publication in two different local press (prior to the Informational Conference)
  • Informational Conference
  • The third version of bilingual leaflets (2000 pieces)
  • Consultation meeting with the Quarry and Brick Association and other Stakeholders
  • Final Conference
  • Local press publication in one daily newspaper (after the end of the Final Conference 25 & 28/11/2014 respectively)
  • Dissemination gadgets
  • Social networking media (Facebook, Linkedin)
  • Publication of Scientific Articles in the Monthly Newsletter of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber
  • Invitations (electronic and hard copies)/Agenda’s for all Consultation meetings/Conferences
  • Layman’s Reports (English and Greek versions)


National/EU and International authorities, industry and other stakeholders became better informed of the possibilities of resource efficiency and specifically in the use of quarry slurry as a resource in the cement and clay brick/tile industries.

The outcomes of this Action include: Development of project logo, development of website, Kick-off meeting, Stakeholder Consultation, conference/ informational day proceedings, Kick-off meeting minutes, conference/ informational minutes, stakeholder consultation minutes, bi-lingual leaflets, notice boards, notification letter to relevant authorities and stakeholders, project announcement at the beneficiaries websites and relevant publications.

  • Environment LIFE Programme
  • Department of Environment
  • Nicolaides and Associates Ltd
  • Latomia Pharmakas PLC
  • Vasiliko Cement Works
  • United Brickworks