Action B.1 – General Data Collection and Identification of Present Conditions

Proposed starting and end date of action: 02/07/12-01/04/13
Actual starting and expected end date of action: 02/07/12-31/07/13
Status: Completed


This action aims at the collection of data and the assessment of the current situation regarding quarry slurry and its treatment and the production methods used in clay brick/tile and cement industries.

This Action involved the collection of data and the assessment of current situation regarding quarry slurry and its treatment and the production methods used in clay brick/tile and cement industries. In addition, the environmental impacts of the above mentioned activities were assessed and presented. For the implementation of this Action which has commenced timidly in July 2012 and finalized in July 2014, the following activities have been employed:

Task 1: Identification of data sources / Literature Review

This part of the Action started timidly in July 2012, initially via internet research for the identification of possible information sources. Moreover, other data sources including the associated beneficiaries, National relevant Authorities, European and International accredited journal organizations and academic sources were also identified. Following the completion of the above, a thorough literature review through the identified data sources had commenced in October 2012. During this stage, general information referring to the operational procedures, waste disposal methods, quantities, quality, format and environmental impacts from the current practices used for the quarry, brick and cement industries have been identified and recorded. All beneficiaries have been involved in this stage of the Action, which was finalised in December 2012.

Task 2: Technical Data collection from the Associated Beneficiaries and Relevant Authorities

Following the above mentioned sub-task, the technical part of data collection commenced in January 2013 mainly through visits to the above mentioned identified sources. Detailed data collection from the premises of the industrial associated beneficiaries as well as detailed recording of the production waste management procedures for quarry, cement and clay brick/tile beneficiaries was also completed. Specifically, data with reference to the quarry production procedures, the quantities of quarry slurry produced the quarry slurry management and disposal methods, the current legislations and policies in action and the estimation of CO2 emissions from the current management procedures was collected by the LF, VCW, and Brickworks. At this stage, a number of samples (approximately 20) had been collected from waste quarry slurry and physical/chemical analyses on dry waste had been carried out by two accredited laboratories in order to record its characteristics. The sampling and analysis commenced in September 2012 and was finalized in February 2013. LF was the responsible partner for this task. The partners VCW and Brickworks prepared a document with the requirements of clay brick/tile and cement industries in raw materials based on data from their operational procedures, so as to be able to match the characteristics of slurry with the needs of the industries in order to identify the materials that could be substituted by slurry. Possible upgrading procedures for the achievement of a better slurry quality for reuse in the cement/brick industry, was documented in a methodology, in the delivered Report under this Action. All AB’s contributed towards this documentation. N&A had initiated the preparation of the report referring to the environmental impacts related to the GHG emissions, water and soil pollution, land requirements that are deriving from the activities mentioned above. Furthermore, in parallel to disseminating information related to the project, a letter had been sent out by the CB to the relevant Authorities, Stakeholders, Associations, NGOs and Environmental Organizations simultaneously publicizing the commencement of the project, its objectives and tasks and in parallel seeking any source of information related to the project through meetings and site visits. In light of the above, representatives of the AB’s had a meeting with the officers of the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus and the Mines Service on the 22nd of February 2013, for the collection of technical information related to identification of present conditions and practices applicable for quarries, brick and cement industries in Cyprus.

This part of the action was expected to be finalized the first week of March 2013; a four month delay was caused, due to the unforeseen economic and banking system crisis that occurred in Cyprus in March 2013, thus causing a subsequent delay to the completion of the rest of the tasks of this Action (Tasks 3 and 4) and consequently to the completion of the whole Action B.1. In particular, a delay had occurred in the completion of Action’s B.1 report due to the delay of VCW’s report regarding the requirements of cement production procedure in raw materials based on data from their operational procedures. The delay was attributed to the execution of specific chemical analysis needed for the identification of suitability of quarry slurry to replace specific raw materials in the production of cement and clinker. Analyses were delayed due to the unexpected economic crisis that occurred in Cyprus, as there were internal operational problems to be resolved. The above mentioned delay was overcome in June 2013.

Task 3: Data Analysis

The assessment of the data collected regarding production procedures, quantities produced, disposal management procedures, current legislations and environmental impacts had commenced simultaneously along with the technical part of data collection, in order to allow identification of the quality of data and any gaps. The data collected was assessed and assorted in a good format for future use. This sub-task was expected to be completed by the 15th of March 2013, but a four month delay occurred as per the reasons explained in the paragraph above.

Task 4: Preparation of the Report on the current quarry, cement and clay brick/tile operation

In parallel to the above sub-tasks, a report on the current quarry, cement and clay brick/tile industry operation based on the collected information was finalized in July 2013.


  • Collection of quantifiable data regarding quarry slurry components and quantities in Cyprus
  • Identification of the current practices of quarry slurry treatment
  • Collection of all the relevant legislation and policies applied as well as EU and international quarry slurry treatment practice.
  • Assessment of technical and operational currently used in cement and clay brick/tile industry
  • Collection and archiving of the required statistical data and information regarding quarry, clay brick/tile and cement industries (i.e. CO2 emissions);
  • Achievement of good quality data, in the appropriate format.
  • One report on the current quarry, cement and clay brick/tile industry operation
  • Environment LIFE Programme
  • Department of Environment
  • Nicolaides and Associates Ltd
  • Latomia Pharmakas PLC
  • Vasiliko Cement Works
  • United Brickworks