Action A.2 – Stakeholder Consultation

Proposed starting and end date of action: 02/07/2012-02/08/2012
Actual start and end date of action: 02/10/12-02/11/12
Status: Completed

The stakeholder consultation is considered to be a very significant action for the further success of the project. Previous LIFE project experience of the participating beneficiaries has shown that early in-depth consultation with relevant stakeholders is highly effective in achieving the following:

  • industry support for the project that will allow more effective dissemination to the stakeholders throughout the lifetime of the project.
  • it creates anticipation of the project results within the relevant stakeholders
  • it stimulates discussions regarding the project between stakeholders i.e. quarry operators, clay brick/tile operators etc. even outside the boundaries of the specific project
  • it documents the views, ideas, possible constraints etc of a large number of related stakeholders that provide a greater scope than that provided by only the participating beneficiaries.
  • it facilitates more successful data collection activities later on in the project
  • it creates to all stakeholder the feeling of involvement in the project

The stakeholder consultation activity was held on October 29 2011 and involved the realization of one Consultation activity, with all relevant industry sectors:

  • the quarry industry sector
  • the cement industry sector
  • the clay brick/tile industry sector
  • environmental organizations, NGOs, scientific organizations etc.

During the consultation, the project beneficiaries demonstrated datailed presentation of the project activities. Then a technical and detailed discussion of Actions B1, B2 and B3 was carried out where the views and ideas of all participants were recorded for further analysis and consideration.

The participants were encouraged to contact the project management team at anytime in order to express any ideas, concerns they may have in the future or just to get informed for the progress of the project.


One consultation activity for the quarry sector, the cement sector, the clay brick/tile sector, the environmental organizations, NGOs, scientific organizations with a participation of more than 20 participants

  • Environment LIFE Programme
  • Department of Environment
  • Nicolaides and Associates Ltd
  • Latomia Pharmakas PLC
  • Vasiliko Cement Works
  • United Brickworks