Action A.1- Task Dissemination

Proposed starting and end date of action: 01/06/2012-02/07/2012
Actual start and end date of action: 01/06/12-19/10/12
Status: Completed


This is the initial action of the project and aims to disseminate the project’s activities among the beneficiaries and organize their timely execution; ensure complementarity among tasks both in terms of context and timely availability of results and enable the maximum contribution of all resources in the execution of each task.

Methods Employed:

  • A Kick-off meeting was held on October 11 2012 and a Kick-off Presentation was demonstrated to allow the partners formulate the exact methodology to be followed, and to agree on a general work-plan;
  • All the actions, as described in the proposal, were discussed between partners. Any anticipated problems and bottlenecks were identified and plans were set out for their solution;
  • All the actions and sub-actions were thoroughly discussed and planned accordingly;
  • The scope of operation of the project management was agreed and personnel was be assigned;
  • The Project’s Steering Committee(PSC), comprising of representatives of each involved beneficiary, was formed and its exact role was agreed;
  • The deliverables and the quality of the work was discussed and agreed;
  • The contribution of all partners to each action, as described in the proposal, was discussed and agreed upon;
  • The exact details of the timetable for the execution of each action were defined;
  • The milestones and reporting dates were discussed among the beneficiaries;
  • The EC requirements for monitoring the project were discussed and plans were defined for the timely contribution of each partner and action coordinator to the reports that will be communicated at a defined frequency to EC.

The Steering Committee is the controlling body of the project, responsible to supervise the progress of the project, approve the deliverables and address internal problems of the project.

The Steering Committee was formed during the Kick off meeting where it had its first session. During this meeting, the scope of the work of the steering committee was analyzed and the exact dates of the future meetings were decided upon.

Action A.1 – Task Dissemination

The primary function of the PSC was to supervise the project progress, provide assistance to the project when required, resolve any queries or conflicts and disputes, ensure timely delivery of the reports, approve and formally accept the project deliverables. Overall 14 PSC meetings were materialised.


  • The Formulation of an Agreed Plan of Action that will include the detailed methodology and time schedule to be followed and the detailed actions for each partner and action coordinator.
  • The Formation of the Steering Committee.
  • Environment LIFE Programme
  • Department of Environment
  • Nicolaides and Associates Ltd
  • Latomia Pharmakas PLC
  • Vasiliko Cement Works
  • United Brickworks